President's Corner, Security

By Dave Graveline, The Moors Master Association President

As The Moors embarks on installing neighborhood security cameras throughout our community to bolster safety and well-being, we are reaching out to our residents to volunteer their Wi-Fi or homes for camera installation. In light of this initiative, it’s essential to highlight this 6 benefits of installing neighborhood security cameras.

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Deterrence of criminal activity

Visible security cameras act as a deterrent for potential criminals. Drawing from my experience as a former Miami-Dade Police officer, I can assure you that the knowledge of being watched discourages unlawful behavior, reducing the likelihood of theft, vandalism, and other offenses.

Improved public safety

Similar to home surveillance cameras, neighborhood security cameras contribute to the well-being of residents by creating a safer environment.

The implementation of neighborhood security cameras in The Moors community promises a multitude of benefits for community safety and well-being.

Assistance in investigations

Surveillance footage provides valuable evidence for law enforcement during incidents. Whether it’s identifying a suspect or understanding the sequence of events, cameras aid investigations effectively.

Reduced crime rates

While The Moors boasts very low crime rates compared to surrounding areas, communities with surveillance systems often experience even lower crime rates. The mere presence of neighborhood security cameras can deter criminal activity, benefiting everyone in the neighborhood.

Monitoring children and pets

Installing a security camera on your Wi-Fi enables you to monitor your house, driveway, children playing outside, or other pets roaming the area. This added vigilance ensures enhanced safety for your loved ones.

Lower insurance premiums

Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for properties with security systems. Installing neighborhood cameras can lead to cost savings for homeowners. It’s advisable to check with your insurance company; however, regardless, a security camera proves to be a valuable asset.


The implementation of neighborhood security cameras in The Moors community promises a multitude of benefits for community safety and well-being. These cameras serve as deterrents to criminal activity, enhance public safety, and assist law enforcement in investigations when incidents occur. Additionally, they contribute to a reduction in crime rates and offer residents peace of mind by enabling the monitoring of children and pets. Furthermore, the potential for lower insurance premiums adds a practical incentive for homeowners to participate in this initiative. By embracing these advantages, The Moors demonstrates its commitment to fostering a secure and thriving community for all residents.

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