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By Doris Prado, Property Manager

All Moors Residents must act now to transition to Fision TV and Internet services

The Moors Master Association did not renew the Comcast Cable TV bulk agreement. Your Cable TV service under the agreement ends this November 1, 2023.

Our new agreement with Hotwire includes TV and Internet

Our new TV and Internet service contract is with Hotwire Fision. They have been busy building their fiber optic network in our community.  Every resident must allow access to them to your backyard and then to inside your home.  Remember this will be for TV and internet services starting November 1.

What actions do residents need to take?

Submit your contact info to Hotwire’s Fision team

Hotwire collects contact information from each household to ensure they can reach you regarding equipment installation. Rest assured, they do not sell or share your data. Your contact information will be used exclusively to get in touch with you during the installation and onboarding process. Please visit to enter your contact information.

Our new TV and Internet service contract is with Hotwire Fision. They have been busy building their fiber optic network in our community.

Report any property damage by the Hotwire crew

If you find any damage to your property that you believe may have been caused by Hotwire, report this by email to immediately so that we can take the proper measures to investigate and resolve. Hotwire will not honor any invoices provided to them without an opportunity to investigate and verify the damage. Hotwire will work in a timely fashion to resolve all claims.

Hotwire / Fision answers residents’ questions
The Moors Fision TV and Internet services will be provided by Hotwire Communications

Reach out to Hotwire’s Fision team for a seamless transition

During the construction process, you can reach Hotwire Communications via email at or via phone at (561) 509-5429 to ask questions or coordinate equipment installation with the Fision TV and Internet team.

Hotwire will have representatives available at the Club Center Administration building on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the first Saturday of the month from 10 am – 2 pm initially. Expanded hours will commence as we get closer to the cut-over of their system.

Cancel your Comcast Cable services

If you have additional service upgrades on top of The Moors Comcast Cable TV bulk agreement, it’s essential to reach out to them immediately to make arrangements. As our agreement with Comcast/Xfinity comes to an end, residents must act promptly to ensure a smooth transition for any other services you may have. Whether it’s internet, phone, or other Comcast Cable TV packages/bundles, contacting Comcast will enable you to explore alternative options and discuss necessary adjustments. Don’t delay; reach out to Comcast today to avoid any disruptions to your services.

Once your new Hotwire connection is complete, and you have confirmed that all services are working properly, you must return all equipment to Comcast/Xfinity by no later than November 1. Failure to do so will result in you being charged retail monthly fees. Please make arrangements to return your equipment to the Xfinity Store (Hialeah Branch) located at 1190 W 49th St, Hialeah 33012.


Don’t wait until the last day. Call now to set up your service installation with Hotwire. The initial install will be at no cost to you. However, if they are unable to access your home—after 3 attempts— you may be charged for the installation of your new TV and Internet services. And don’t forget to cancel your Comcast Cable services and return their equipment.

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