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By Dave Graveline, The Moors Master Association President

We want to hear from our residents as this affects everyone

In our continued efforts to improve your TV and/or Internet services in The Moors, your Master Board is working hard seeking various options.
The association is expecting Comcast to raise their fees when the cable bulk contract is up for renewal next year. When their rates go up, the association will have no choice but to considerably raise maintenance fees. Maintenance fee increases will affect all property owners not only Comcast cable users.
With the incredible increase in various streaming services and platforms and the demise of basic Cable TV, may residents have expressed much more desire to have affordable Internet available—so long as we can get all our local channels and most of the other channels that most people watch regularly.
In our continued efforts to improve your TV and/or Internet services in The Moors, your Master Board is working hard seeking various options.
In our initial straw poll, most of our residents shared that they are paying for separate Internet service as well as subscribing to various streaming services like Netflix, Discovery+, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, Apple TV+, and a bunch of other “pluses” and platforms. As a result, we are also looking at perhaps swapping our bulk TV for a bulk Internet service and including several of the streaming platforms.
Comcast has refused to upgrade their aging infrastructure in our community, that’s why—especially after a thunderstorm—multiple residents experience connection issues lasting from a few hours to multiple days. The office hears residents complaints, frequently.
Some residents have suggested adding Internet access to the bulk cable contract available to all Moors residents. Adding Internet to the current Comcast contract will be too expensive and unreliable considering their aging infrastructure. They are also limited in their available bandwidth.
For many years Comcast has promised to create a Moors community channel—even included it in their last two contracts—but they have never delivered.
The Master Board is currently contemplating a few other options including, not renewing the Comcast cable bulk contract resulting in a decrease of maintenance fees, using the money saved to improve the community’s common areas, or both. We are also currently considering offers from other TV/Internet providers that will enable the association to either maintain the maintenance fees at about the same or keep the fee increase at a minimum, as long as the new cable provider builds newer infrastructure (Fiber) throughout the community and provides better and faster service to all residents.

We want to hear from all our property owners

Please complete this new straw poll to help your Master Board in our decision. All companies currently bidding for our business, need a year to build-out their fiber, so we must make a decision very soon!
In order for your vote to count you must be a homeowner and your information must match the records on file. All fields are required.
Your personal information is only needed to verify that you are a Moors resident. It will not be disclosed or shared!
This questionnaire is no longer available.

4 Replies to “Comcast poll: Follow-up questions”


    Stay with COMCAST.

  2. juli savage says:

    I prefer to not have cable lumped in with my maintenance fee. I can pay for cable on my own as we really don’t use comcast. I would rather have those monies go to fix the drains that do not work in front of my house and cause much flooding. The cost for repair of flooding is much more expensive than a year’s worth of cable bills.

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