Smart easy access at our gates

It’s all about technology!

Our community has decided to incorporate one of the most technologically advanced entry access control systems available.
Mobile control and touchless access have become the norm. The SmartPlus cloud-based App—which controls the access control terminals—offers various smart gate unlocking options, including face-recognition and Temp Key QR codes and PIN numbers, as well as a Virtual Guard feature.
With numerous ways for residents and visitors to gain access, the SmartPlus system can ease our entry point congestion and dramatically decrease the wait time for your visitors to enter the community.
Moors owners only need to stop by the onsite office to register and to obtain more information on how to use the Akuvox SmartPlus in our community.


Akuvox SmartPlus gate access intercom

SmartPlus gate entry system features

Face recognition

You can setup face recognition through the SmartPlus app then, you can simply pull up to the intercom panel and look into the camera. Once authorized, the gate will open and you can proceed into the community.

Temp Key QR codes

Through the SmartPlus app you can provide your visitors with a QR code—also referred to as a Temp Key. When your visitor arrives at the gate, all they need to do is select “Temp Key” on the screen, then show the QR code to the camera located on the lower right of the panel. They also have the option of just entering the PIN that is sent along with the QR code.

Akuvox SmartPlus gate access intercom features

Residents or Contacts button

When visitors select this option, they can either scroll through a list of residents, or simply search for a resident’s name, then press the “Call” button. The system will then call the resident, either through the SmartPlus app, or by calling the phone number registered in the app, depending on your settings. Once you verify your visitor, you simply press “9” on your phone— or press “Open Door”—to grant them access.

Virtual Guard

Finally, many communities have a “Virtual Guard” option. Visitors will simply press the “Security” button on the Akuvox panel to speak with a guard who can assist them with entering the community.

Akuvox SmartPlus news

Akuvox SmartPlus gate entry system

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SmartPlus intercom at the south gate

Smart easy access at our gates

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