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May each and every day of the New Year bring lots of happiness and love. Happy New Year to all!

Every year community association residents become passionate about holiday decorations and when is it time to remove them. In The Moors communities from Thanksgiving until just after the first of the year and around other holidays throughout the year (Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, etc.), residents begin the process of putting decorations (of all colors, sizes and shapes) on their property. These include everything from yard decorations, wreaths, to a 12-hour-a-day brightly lit Christmas tree.

Our Moors communities have adopted guidelines that allow for and regulate the short-term installation of holiday decorations. This ensures that the associations will be protected while allowing it to be reasonable and to act in the holiday spirit. The Association does not favor one religion over another and have an obligation to be non-discriminatory and uniform in the application and enforcement of holiday decoration rules. Some of our guidelines include the following:

  • Timetable for Decorations:
    The existing guidelines allow for residents to decorate 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after the holiday for decorations to be displayed.
  • Holiday Lighting:
    Lighting (especially bright and blinking lights) should not be allowed to disturb neighbors.
  • Blow Up Decorations:
    The association allows blow up decorations, however residents are responsible for replacing any damaged grass.
  • Other Decorations on Common Areas:
    Residents must keep in mind that the lawn crew must be able to continue to cut the grass and hedges throughout the month. Association will not be responsible for cut wires.

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