President's Corner, Hotwire

By Dave Graveline, The Moors Master Association President

Current projects update

I am excited to share some important projects updates that reflect our ongoing commitment to enhancing our Moors community. From revitalizing recreational areas to improving essential services, we have been working hard to address your needs and improve the quality of life for all residents. Here are some significant developments that we believe you will find both exciting and beneficial.

Tot lot

With many parents and grandparents asking, yes, we are finally budgeted and able to completely re-do our Tot Lot. In fact, I just signed the contract with Top Line Recreation, and we are looking forward to a completely revamped, excellent playground for our younger children. We are getting rid of the old, cat-poop-filled sand and replacing it with a padded rubber surface, along with all-new playground equipment. The rubber has been poured in place for the safety flooring. The new shade system will be 30’x43’, and the playground equipment will be provided by Burke Play Structures.

Pickleball courts

With so many residents asking for it—and not a single person against it—the Master Board decided to convert one tennis court (#5 initially) to two Pickleball courts! I just signed that contract as well to get them started ASAP. Sylmac Sports advised that they will complete all the work in June.

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New roofs on our buildings

As I’m sure you have noticed, all of our common area buildings have new metal roofs. After taking forever to fight the insurance company for six years and having to sue them, we ultimately managed to acquire the funds to replace the roofs on our gym, salon room, maintenance office, walkways, and main office. The next step is getting the solar panels installed, at no cost to the community, by Terra Energy.

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Hotwire TV and Internet

After a year of construction and connecting everyone, our entire community is now fully up and running with Hotwire/FisionTV. I have heard from many residents that they are very pleased with the speed of the internet as well as the quality of the TV video. Many have apologized to me for being very upset a year ago when we began the various presentations—from multiple companies—proposing a bulk rate for both TV and internet for The Moors. Even back then, I absolutely understood the frustration of many that we would have to increase our monthly maintenance fees by about $40, and very few people took the time to realize that it was, in fact, going to save us all money each month.

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As it turns out, the minimum that anyone was spending for internet alone was $80, with the average being $140 to $160 based on needed speeds, etc. However, once everyone realized that the increase was half that and included both internet and TV, it became clearer that the Master Board was acting to save us all money!

The reactions from the vast majority of our residents are that they are very happy with the quality and speeds now. Al so, the very few issues that came up were resolved quickly. If you ever have any issue with TV or internet, be sure to contact Hotwire right away so they can take care of it. If they don’t, let the office know and I will light any necessary fire to get it taken care of immediately!

Final thoughts

In summary, we have made significant strides in upgrading our community amenities and infrastructure. The Tot Lot is being completely revamped with new equipment and safer surfaces, the addition of Pickleball courts is underway to meet popular demand, and our common area buildings now have new roofs with solar panel installations planned. Furthermore, our partnership with Hotwire/FisionTV has successfully provided high-speed internet and quality TV services at a reduced cost. We are grateful for your patience and support as we continue to make these improvements, and we are committed to addressing any issues promptly to ensure a positive living experience for everyone.

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