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By Dave Graveline, The Moors Master Association President

Security cameras play a crucial role in enhancing safety and peace of mind within neighborhoods. Our Moors security company, South Florida Security Group or SFSG, has installed several security cameras—at NO COST to us!—to monitor our common areas. They oversee our offices, gym, tennis and basketball courts, pool area, club center parking lots, and more.

We securely connect these to our Club Center Wi-Fi—again, at no cost to The Moors—operating day and night.

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security camera the moors basketball court min
security camera the moors courts entrance min
security camera the moors office min
security camera the moors racketball court min
security camera the moors swimming pool min
security camera the moors tennis courts min

Testing the camera on my street

My thought is to begin installing more security cameras in other areas throughout our Moors community, in an effort to better protect and more efficiently “guard” our sub-association areas.

With that in mind, I had South Florida Security Group install one of those cameras on a streetlight pole across the street from my home. It is connected to my Wi-Fi and uses very little bandwidth. This camera ‘sees’ most of my neighborhood area, looking down four streets, including one of our sub-association entrances!

Security camera view towards 181st Terr east and 62nd Ct south
Security camera view towards 181st Terr west
Security camera view towards 62nd Ct north

Cost considerations for The Moors

SFSG does not charge us for these security cameras, and if we use our individual Wi-Fi connections, we don’t even have to pay for monitoring! The other option is for our sub-associations to pay $10 plus taxes per month per camera for a cellular SIM card connecting to their dispatch center. Of course, that would raise our monthly maintenance fees, which none of us want.

Our Moors security company, South Florida Security Group or SFSG, has installed several security cameras—at NO COST to us!—to monitor our common areas.

So, are you willing to share for safety? And your benefits!

security camera on my home min

Security cameras require very little bandwidth

If you will simply share a very small amount of bandwidth from your Wi-Fi connection—and there is enough signal to reach a nearby light pole—you too can be the first in your neighborhood to have a security camera installed in your area! This enables you to keep an eye on your house. You’ll notice from the screen captures above that it will take very little of your Wi-Fi, under 0.2 Mbps, and now, with Hotwire, every resident has at least 400 Mbps, so I assure you, you wouldn’t notice the small amount of your Wi-Fi being used.

And this is a secure connection, and no one—including SFSG—can access your home network, other than to connect that one security camera initially.

Consider installing a camera on your house

If you don’t have a nearby light pole available and within your Wi-Fi coverage range, SFSG will consider installing a camera on your house once you submit a standard architectural modification (as always when you do anything outside).

If you are selected, you will also have access to that particular camera on your Wi-Fi, allowing you to keep an eye on your own house—even if you are away!

Let me know quickly

I strongly recommend considering one of these neighborhood security cameras. If we receive too many requests for the same area, SFSG will evaluate the best location to observe the most area(s). Please remember that this is an additional crime deterrence and not a guarantee of any sort. *

The Moors and SFSG will retain ownership and control of these neighborhood security cameras, which could be disconnected from your Wi-Fi and relocated for any reason deemed appropriate, including better coverage.

Let me know if you want to be one of our neighborhood camera residents! But hurry… your neighbors might beat you to it!

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The more neighborhood security cameras we can add, the more they will serve our Moors community as powerful tools for strengthening security, deterring crime, and fostering a more resilient neighborhood. By striking a balance between privacy and safety, we can create an even more harmonious community that thrives for generations to come!

The covenants for Moors Master Association, Article X. Disclaimer of Liability of Association, states in part that “The Association shall not be liable or responsible for, or in any manner a guarantor or insurer of, the health, safety or welfare including, without limitation, residents and their families, guests invitees, agents, servants, contractors or subcontractors or for any such persons…”. “The provisions of the Association documents setting forth the uses of assessments which relate to health, safety and/or welfare shall be interpreted and applied only as limitations on the uses of assessment funds and not as creating a duty of the Association to protect or further the health, safety or welfare of any person(s), even if assessment funds are chosen to be used for any such reason.”

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