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We switched to Hotwire's Fision TV & Internet

The Master Maintenance Association’s bulk agreement with Comcast, which was paid through the maintenance fee to provide Xfinity TV service to our residents, was not renewed. Our new provider is Hotwire, through their Fision TV & Internet services.
If you have already started the process to switch services, please return Comcast’s equipment by no later than November 10, 2023. Comcast provided each household with one (1) HD box, one (1) DVR HD box and two (2) remote controls. * All this equipment must be returned.
Contact Comcast promptly to discuss additional service upgrades beyond our bulk TV agreement, to ensure a smooth transition for other services like internet, phone, or cable TV bundles. Act now to explore alternatives and prevent service disruptions.
If you haven’t started the process to switch TV providers, please reach Hotwire Communications via email at or via phone at (561) 509-5429 to ask questions or coordinate equipment installation with the Fision TV and Internet team.
Contact Hotwire to set up your service installation. The initial install will be at no cost to you. However, if they are unable to access your home—after 3 attempts— you may be charged for the installation of your new TV and Internet services.

Call Comcast at 1-866-207-3451 for additional information about any service upgrades, billing changes, or for the nearest location to return their equipment.

* This offer excludes Lakeridge and Latitudes Rental Properties.


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