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It’s all about technology!

In our continued attempts to reduce the very long wait times at the North Gate—especially for YOUR visitors—I’m very pleased to announce that our Master Board has approved the installation of additional Akuvox SmartPlus easy access units at each gate!

Akuvox SmartPlus intercom at the south gate
© Dave Graveline

Those residents that had already registered with the one demo unit that we have been testing at the south gate, have realized the easy and simple way to enter our community.

SmartPlus gate access app

Those Residents that had already registered with the one demo unit that we have been testing at the South Gate, have realized the easy and simple way to enter our community and how helpful it has been to let your guests in—via the South Gate!

For our Residents, a quick secure Facial Recognition opens the Gate for you. Or, if you prefer to not use the Facial Recognition—you can use a Temp Key QR Code to enter. (We are NOT eliminating our barcodes! This system is an additional method to enter and to make it easier for your visitors, with virtually no wait times!) Once you take just 2 minutes to register at The Moors offi­ce, you can download the free Akuvox App and see how simple it is to use.

Wouldn’t it be terrific for your guests to be able to enter The Moors without the long waits at our north gate?

Well now—with this system—they can enter at either lane at the South Gate or two lanes at the North Gate—without having to stop and interact with a Guard!

Now that we’re in 2022, Mobile control and touchless access have become the norm. The Akuvox intuitive cloud-based App—which controls access control terminals—offers various smart gate unlocking options.

SmartPlus gate access camera view on app

SmartPlus also supports the creation of temporary QR code Temp Keys, which visitors can use to gain access at the gate. SmartPlus features time-limited QR code key creation, unlocking via Bluetooth, tap to unlock, NFC, and even remote gate opening from anywhere.

The Akuvox System is one of the most powerful models in the industry, incorporating the latest technologies including starlight camera, HDR, Android, LTE and facial recognition. It is typically used at high-end communities and office buildings.

Moors Owners only need to stop by the onsite office to register and to obtain more information on how to use Akuvox in our Moors Community.

It’s easy to register

Step 1: Register at The Moors office

Step 2: Download the App | Google Play | App Store

Step 3: Start using the System for access and the App to authorize your guests

Watch video tutorial »

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