New Year’s is an opportunity to recommit to your health and well-being: Eat better. Exercise regularly. Drink more water. Changing your habits, no matter how well-meaning, is hard. And if you’re looking for New Year’s resolution ideas you can actually stick to, consider looking past the big, obvious ones and seek the ones that may seem smaller, but will have a big impact in the long run.

Here are some tips to stay healthy in 2020 with sustainable new year’s resolutions:

A common mistake people make is setting vague goals like, “I’ll be healthier”. Instead, make your resolution specific, with a tangible, achievable outcome. A few examples of specific and sustainable new year’s resolutions would be “drink 8 glasses of water every day”, “get 7 hours of sleep every night”, “wear sunscreen every time I plan on spending more than 30 minutes outside”, or “meditate for 30 minutes every weekend to relieve stress”. These goals, while small, can add up to make a big impact and help you become healthier.

Eat better

If you want to eat better in 2020, determine how you plan to do so with smaller and sustainable new year’s resolutions. For example, “eat at least two fruits a day”, “limit soda intake to 1 can a day”, or “meal prep each week”. These smalls goals are easier to stick with it, and can help you eat better and improve health overall.

Exercise regularly

When setting exercise-related and sustainable new year’s resolutions, specificity matters. You’ll be more successful if you plan exactly how much longer you will walk and how often. If you want to be more active this coming year, a few examples of resolutions are”Take the stairs instead of the elevator”, “go on a 30-minute walk every morning”, and “exercise on the the treadmill for 15 minutes 5 days a week”.

Let go of bad habits

Whether it’s smoking, drinking too much alcohol, watching too much television, or eating late at night, everyone has bad habits that contribute to poor health. Your determination to quit a bad habit is built one simple day at a time. Every day you makes you stronger. It may not feel that way early on, but trust in the process and know that time is helping you to let go of the bad habit once and for all.

How to make resolutions stick

One mistake that can throw sustainable new year’s resolutions off track is the all-or-nothing approach . If you happen to mess up, don’t give up on your goal. See it as a temporary set back and keep moving forward. Every day that you eat healthily, get some exercise, and beat your bad habit, you’re improving your health and well-being.

Quitting habits such as tobacco or having a home-cooked meal rather than ordering takeout is a gift, not a sacrifice. Therefore, don’t sabotage yourself by feeling sorry that you can’t smoke or eat fast food. Instead, remind yourself that you are choosing not to smoke or eat that greasy burger because you want to be free of this killer of an addiction. It’s all in your perspective. Pay attention and keep yourself in a positive frame of mind.

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