President's Corner, Moors Master

By Dave Graveline, The Moors Master Association President

I hope that you had a terrific Thanksgiving holiday and that you’re looking forward to Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or whatever you may celebrate and… that your New Year will be off to a great start!

I thought again this year that it would be helpful to share a short recap of 2023. Here are just some of the many achievements that our management team and your Master Board of Directors accomplished this year for the betterment of our community:

TV & Internet bulk contract

  • After carefully reviewing multiple proposals from various companies last year, we successfully negotiated a TV and Internet bulk contract with Hotwire. As of this writing, Hotwire’s team have completed servicing the majority of our community, with only a few homes remaining. Many residents have shared positive feedback, noting improved TV picture quality and remarkable Internet speeds. With only a few exceptions, overall satisfaction is high. The primary challenge is that some residents have yet to reach out to Hotwire. If you haven’t already, please contact them at 561-509-5429 or via email at It’s truly gratifying to provide high-speed internet and quality TV services for all our residents!
  • As part of our agreement with Hotwire, we now offer FREE Wi-Fi throughout our Club Center and office areas for both residents and visitors!
The Moors club center tower
FREE Wi-Fi is now available at the Club Center. © Fausto Cordova

Wishing you HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our Moors Master Board, all of our sub-association Directors, and The Moors management and staff!

Club Center

  • We’re excited to announce the completion of renovations in our Club Center Salon Room restrooms. Now, you can once again rent the Salon Room for your upcoming parties or events. Be sure to call the office to secure your booking before someone else does.
  • We’ve replaced all the wood on our lake dock at the Club Center, and the saunas have undergone renovations.
  • We’ve purchased and installed additional gym equipment in the health club. If you haven’t visited our gym lately, please do so, as we’ve also extended the hours from 7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 9 pm on weekends. Additionally, we’ve renovated the saunas in the gym. Remember to bring your Moors ID and a towel every time you visit!
Renovated pier at The Moots Club Center
Renovated pier at The Moors Club Center. © Fausto Cordova

Tennis and… pickleball?

  • Our popular tennis program has reopened. If you’ve always wanted to learn to play tennis, now’s your chance.
  • Like to play tennis? We’ve added more benches, and more people continue to sign up for our popular tennis lessons. Do you enjoy playing pickleball? Let us know as we are considering possibly converting one or more of our tennis courts to pickleball courts due to its increasing popularity.

Community events

  • We continue the very popular Food Truck events. They have become a great way to feed the family with a variety of delicious foods and desserts and a terrific way to meet many of your neighbors!
  • We had a fantastic turnout at our annual Halloween & Food Truck event. Thanks to the efforts of our management staff, sponsors, vendors, and our Food Truck team. We are thankful to our residents for supporting these events.
The Moors food truck event - October 2022
Our popular monthly food truck event at the Club Center. © Fausto Cordova

The Moors common areas

  • We have initiated a major painting project for the common area buildings and walls.
  • We repaired more of the curbing in our 67th Avenue planters as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the landscaping next to our perimeter wall along 67th Avenue.
  • Drains were cleaned, and all trees were trimmed along Mediterranean Boulevard and in our sub-associations, in time for the hurricane season.

Solar power savings

  • We’ve brought the savings of solar energy to The Moors! Did you know that our average monthly payment to FPL is about $6,000? You might have noticed an increase in solar panels on The Moors office and more houses in The Moors. This is helping residents save a significant amount instead of sending money straight to FPL. We’ve negotiated a win-win deal with Terra Energy. For every 10 owners who subscribe to their system, Terra installs another free system for a common area building (gym, Salon Room, maintenance office, guard houses, and tennis court lights). They’ll even use solar to heat our pool throughout the long Florida “winter”.
Solar panels at The Moors administration office
The start of our Moors office building. The first association building to get Solar. © Chris Graveline


  • The Akuvox Gate Entry system at both the north and south gates continues to enhance our residents’ and guests’ experiences, reducing long lines at the north gate. More and more residents are using it and experiencing virtually no delays when allowing their visitors into The Moors. Additionally, it is very convenient if you are not in your car; you can still open the gate easily as you approach. We strongly recommend that all our residents take advantage of this opportunity. It’s also an efficient way to allow repair or delivery personnel through the south gate!

Website and newsletter

  • We continue to improve the information and add ongoing timely updates to our website. Be sure to sign up for our FREE Moors Newsletter to receive association updates, upcoming meetings, and exciting community events.

The Moors TV channel

  • Stay tuned frequently to MTV, “Moors TV” channel 99, as we will begin to add lots of helpful information, including Club Center announcements, events, board meetings, and much more! Visit “MTV” channel 99 often.

As I mentioned, these are just some of the many 2023 accomplishments that we truly hope you are happy with and… lots more to come in 2024! I personally thank you for your continued support!

Wishing you HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our Moors Master Board, all of our sub-association Directors, and The Moors management and staff!

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